Unfortunately, Green’s victim-blaming beliefs about sexual assault aren’t surprising, because they aren’t new. From celebrities who sing about supposed “blurred lines” to politicians like Todd Akin who use language like “legitimate rape” to lawyers like the one in Steubenville, Ohio, who claimed that a victim’s silence implies consent, it’s clear that Green’s comments are the rule rather than the exception in our cultural reality. They point to a profound misunderstanding at every level of society of what consent actually looks like.



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WOWZA what a body…very artistic shots too

WTF did I just watch

WTF did I just watch

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Society towards bisexuals

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Love will either make you or destroy you.


I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie




How can people think that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed children. I don’t know about you , but this is the happiest family I’ve ever seen.


the are so adorable excuse me while I cry 

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